Buyers on the prowl for new products

Buyers crowded the Trademarket floor for the first day of business. The Trademarket is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. today.

Buyers crowded the Trademarket floor for the first day of business. The Trademarket is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. today.

As the Trademarket floor opened on Monday, buyers from around the world checked out the nearly 200 exhibitors and their lines of products. In general, perfume, cosmetics, and liquor booths were seeing the heaviest buyer traffic early in the day. However, accessories and other specialty items were still on buyers’ shopping lists.

Henry Pesatty, with Distasa in Peru, is here at the 2015 IAADFS Show checking in on the liquor category, particularly rum. This is his fourth duty free show, and he said he thinks there’s a growing number of liquor companies on the show floor.

Charles Rolls, executive deputy chairman and co-founder of Fever-Tree Drinks, said that may be true, but he is also witnessing the continuing drive to “premiumization” of liquor: consumers drinking less volume, but better quality alcohol. Although he said the premiumization trend is not new, it’s also important to consider the mixers that go with that alcohol.

That touches on the second trend. Rolls said that an increasing percentage of products focus on all-natural ingredients. And that trend speaks to him. After running Plymouth Gin for 15 years, Rolls started analyzing the composition of mixers, which led to the launch of Fever-Tree. What he and his partner discovered was that many tonics were preserved with sodium benzoate or similar substances while inexpensive orange aromatics such as decanal and artificial sweeteners were widespread.

After more research and laboratory time, Fever-Tree introduced its Indian Tonic Water. And the rest is success-story history.

Rolls said he appreciates this show for bringing a large number of attendees from Latin America. “There’s a large contingent of attendees who are looking at the U.S. for the trends. They can uncover that here under one roof.”

Under that roof, Susana Diaz Venegas with A&S Duty Free has been attending the IAADFS Show for four years. She is checking out perfumes and noted that there are more perfumes than ever.

Jeanine Landivar and Jasmina Stanojevich are sisters who work for the company their mother started, Cosmet in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The two are scouring the floor for perfumes, cosmetics and children’s perfume, the latter of which Landivar said is a growing trend.

They noted the many new niche brands offering unique fragrances, such as orange blossom. Another trend they have noticed is more products for taking care of your skin.

Kendaree Fray, a buyer with Strands Ltd., was investigating perfumes at the Azzaro booth. Fray is attending the show for her first time. She and a colleague are primarily checking out perfume and hair products. Fray said her company currently sells Azzaro and Angel but are checking out other perfumes. Her company also sells Moroccan Oil, which Fray said is a great seller so she plans to expand that line.

Otilia Solana is a business consultant for a new all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic. She is attending the IAADFS Show looking for new products to carry in the facility’s store. She said the majority of her shoppers are from the U.S. and Canada and 80 percent of her sales are cigarettes, liquor, and accessories.