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williamgrantWilliam Grant focuses on growing total whiskey category through category management initiative, theatrical in-store activations

Swing on by booth 100 at this year’s Duty Free Show of the Americas and you can take part in the highly engaging and entertaining “Adopt a Monkey” activation being run by William Grant & Sons for their cheekily subversive blended malt Monkey Shoulder.

“The Monkey Shoulder activation may be great fun, but it also has a serious purpose. In a highly competitive market, we have to be able to offer international passengers something new and something unexpected. Outstanding theatrical activations help build excitement and drive footfall into the stores, and by doing this, we give our brands and our retail partners who are offering them to passengers the best chance for success. Match that level of excitement to great packaging and highly giftable travel retail exclusive products and you start to create a truly compelling offering,” said Justin Weston, managing director of global travel retail at William Grant who will be attending the show this year.

“We have been highly active during the last 18 months in terms of releasing new travel retail exclusive ranges for our key brands; the global rollout of the new Glenfiddich Cask Collection range started in April 2014, to join The Balvenie Triple Cask range. This has been supported by several other travel exclusive products including Glenfiddich 25-year-old, Kininvie 17-year-old single malt, The Girvan Patent Still 28-year-old, two new Hendrick’s gift packs, Grant’s 8-year-old in Asia, Grant’s Nordic Oak and Grant’s Voyager in Europe, as well as several limited edition and seasonal gift packs,” continued Ian Taylor, head of marketing for global travel retail.

“This trend will continue in 2015, and we hope to launch Hudson Bourbon, a majestic craft bourbon from New York in U.S. duty free later this year. With the recent acquisition of Drambuie and the plans we have to develop new GTR offerings for both our Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey range and news to come concerning Grants Blended Scotch, we fully intend to play an active role in the channel for many years to come,” he added.

“With Glenfiddich, The Balvenie and now Kininvie, we have a leading position within single malts. This is a critical and fast growing, high value category. For continued success and long term growth, we need to develop category management solutions that help to grow the entire category, not just our brands,” emphasized Stephen Corrigan, regional director of North America global travel retail.

“These solutions must be shopper and consumer-focused and help passengers navigate easily and effectively through what can be a complex and confusing assortment. This will mean working closely with the operators to secure a fair share of space for single malts in store. Done well, we can help increase average spend per head and generate more profit for both our partners and ourselves. We have seen very positive results already through this approach, and to underline its importance to us, we will be recruiting our first category management lead, exclusively dedicated to the global travel retail team later on this year. Category management and our William Grant approach is something that we look forward to discussing at our booth during this IAADFS show,” he said.


travelproTravelpro launches state-of-the-art Crew 10 Hardside Spinner Collection

Travelpro, the inventor of Rollaboard luggage and a market leader in innovative, high quality luggage design, is pleased to debut the revolutionary Crew 10 Hardside Spinner Collection. This creative collection provides the perfect combination of durability, technology, and style for today’s frequent travelers.

Travelpro’s Crew 10 Hardside product line incorporates the most sophisticated technology for Hardside Spinner luggage in today’s market. Featuring its patented PowerScope Extension Handle that minimizes wobble and with stops at 38 inches and 42.5 inches, the Crew 10 Hardside line ensures that travelers of varying heights can comfortably maneuver through crowded airports and airplane aisles.

The Crew 10 Hardside is constructed from 100 percent polycarbonate material, engineered to withstand high impact handling and the rigors of long distance travel, while still being lightweight. The roomy main compartment expands up to 2 inches to maximize packing space and flexibility. A deluxe hold-down system secures clothing while keeping it wrinkle-free and features easy-to-adjust straps with Duraflex anti-break buckles.

Packed with innovation, the Crew 10 Hardside Collection’s 19-inch Business Plus Spinner includes a convenient mobile office in the front pocket that holds pens, smartphones, cords, and adapters for easy access on the run. Additionally, a separate built-in padded sleeve provides electronic travel protection for up to a 15.6-inch laptop or tablet.

The entire collection is available in both stylish merlot and elegant black, and is backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.


pinkrivesFraternity Spirits introduces RIVES gin to its travel retail portfolio

Expanding on its already successful portfolio, Fraternity comes to the Americas with a new brand from its partnership with Spanish company RIVES — RIVES Pink Gin and RIVES Special Gin. New to travel retail, the products offer a crisp and fresh flavor and are perfect for those who enjoy premium, high quality spirits. Produced in Spain since 1880, RIVES Special Gin has won numerous awards for its unique flavor, including the gold medal at International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2010 and silver medal at IWSC 2011.

Representing RIVES for travel retail and specific local markets — sharing distributors and sales forces where sensible — Fraternity Spirits is introducing the new lines at booth 828, where they will sit alongside the Spanish company’s existing range of cocktail syrups.

Visitors will be able to try a variety of cocktails, using combinations of Tequila Corralejo, RIVES gin, and its flavored syrups.

“Through mixology and new concepts such as the TEQ Tropics, Fraternity and RIVES are able to build brands from both companies,” said Raffaele Berardi, CEO of Fraternity Spirits. “With its premium look and taste, our new RIVES gin is the perfect addition to our travel retail portfolio. We want travelers to be able to make cocktails at home, which are easy to produce and a joy to drink; and the synergy between our brands makes this very possible.”

Tequila Correlejo is an important element within this mixology, and Fraternity has seen above-
average market growth throughout 2014, in line with the overall growing popularity of tequila in the United States. Its brands 99,000 Horas and Los Arango have also seen particularly strong growth in the Americas. In addition, rum El Ron Prohibido has recently been launched in California with encouraging sales figures. The company is confident that this success will be reflected in travel retail.

“Tequila is one of America’s most popular spirits, imports of Tequila in America have been growing year after year for more than a decade, and we want to be at the forefront of this growth,” Berardi said. “Whether you are an experienced tequila drinker or new to the taste, our premium range offers something for everybody.”


twistnsetA fresh twist on luggage security

Leading the way with the latest innovations, Go Travel’s new Twist ‘N’ Set combination lock ensures that securing luggage couldn’t be easier. The unique “twist” design makes setting the three-digit combination code completely hassle-free. It’s also TSA-approved for quick and easy transition through security.

Incorporating a revolutionary, patent-pending design, the Twist ‘N’ Set features an “error-free” setting mechanism, so no need to worry about clumsy fingers causing an accidental code reset.  To set the lock, pull down and turn the base of the lock 90 degrees, the set indicator becomes visible.  Simply set the code and twist the base back into place.

Since the company began back in 1978, Go Travel has been steadfast in its efforts to revolutionize the core travel accessory categories. Applying a combination of common sense and creative thinking, it continues to create unique products with patented designs that improve the journey. The Twist ‘N’ Set is an exciting addition to Go Travel’s extensive range of luggage locks and straps. It has a robust zinc alloy and steel construction with an ABS plastic housing that can cope with the demands of even the most intrepid traveler.

The Twist ‘N’ Set is available in three colors, including rich jewel tones of teal and plum that ensure a case stands out on the carousel, and a more subtle, color-coordinating black.


PretzelBudzPretzel Pete debuts Pretzel Budz

Pretzel Budz are mini ball-shaped baked pretzels that are “Rollin’ In Flavor.” They are packaged in a re-sealable pouch and are available in savory Cheddar Cheese and sweet Cinnamon Sugar. Budz are snacking fun for the whole family. There are only 130 calories in 50 Budz!

Pretzel Budz are packaged in an eye-catching resealable and peggable pouch that is ideal for the traveler, and it is also great for the retailer, giving them several merchandising options. The white bag really stands out on the shelf, giving it great visibility for impulse buying. Images of the Budz are nicely displayed on the bags showing the consumer the actual size of the product.


hatTRAVEL CLOZS debuts New York-based line of accessory wear 

Diane Kenny’s authentically fresh, sassy line of accessory wear finds success wherever it is put on sale. The fact that it’s 100 percent made in New York assures buyers of quality and attention to detail.

From her post-student days at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Kenny has been in the vanguard designing her clothes and selling them coast to coast for more than 30 years, easily and intuitively leading and shaping the fashion industry’s ever-changing trends.

Appearing this year for the first time at the IAADFS Show, Kenny along with her husband and partner Eddie Kenny will be displaying the items from their line that they believe to be especially suited to the duty free store retailers.

TRAVEL CLOZS line is designed for the traveling woman. The items are made from fabrics that are wrinkle- and water-resistant, machine washable, light, and easy to pack.

In a world where every ounce in carry-on luggage counts, the cost, versatility, and lightness of TRAVEL CLOZS travel accessories for women is much appreciated.


mauboussinMauboussin Pour Lui — masculinity redefined

In Mauboussin’s view, masculinity is a subtle mix of power and sensitivity in expressing one’s emotions.

To assert its conception of today’s man and his many contrasts, Mauboussin is signing a new fragrance: Mauboussin Pour Lui.

Strong and fragile at the same time, the Mauboussin man is a charmer who claims a new kind of manliness — full of emotions and subtlety.

Its pure, linear shapes enhance the manliness emanating from the solid glass bottle.

Ultra smooth, almost opaque, you can see the fragrance through its dark, deep purple brown color.

A metal plate engraved with the name Mauboussin Pour Lui curves deep into its center. The zamac cap also bears the Mauboussin signature. Cold and heavy, it adds to the product’s quality.

The purple brown box has a matte metal finish. A shiny silver solid print echoes with the bottle’s engraved plate. As a final touch of refinement, the inside of the box has a silver metal finish.


moonshineAmerica’s favorite moonshine introduces Midnight Moon Raspberry

America’s No. 1 selling moonshine, Midnight Moon, introduces Raspberry as its next successful flavor. Midnight Moon is the first moonshine brand to offer this popular fruit flavor.

Midnight Moon Raspberry is authentically infused by hand-filling each jar with real fruit.  Midnight Moon Raspberry is bottled at 90 Proof, creating the perfect taste-balance between the raspberries and the ultra-smooth Midnight Moon spirit. Each jar is packed with the full-bodied flavor of actual raspberries, unlike the sugary-sweet, candy-like taste profiles of many of the commercial moonshines on the market today. Midnight Moon Raspberry mixes easily with a variety of juices and sodas, like lemon-lime soda, tea, club soda, or orange juice.

“Raspberry is the latest in a long line of excellent products, and it happens to be my personal favorite” said Joe Michalek, founder and president of Piedmont Distillers, makers of Midnight Moon. “We sell half of all moonshine (according to NABCA and Nielsen data), even in an increasingly competitive category. We’ve achieved this by staying true to what’s made Midnight Moon successful; the best tasting spirits made with all-natural, real ingredients. If we don’t love it, we don’t launch it.”

Midnight Moon Raspberry 750ml, will roll out nationally beginning immediately. Raspberry joins the other Midnight Moon flavors already enjoying national distribution: Apple Pie, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Blackberry, Cranberry, Original 80 Proof, and 100 Proof.


stoliStoli Limited Editions and the Americas

Stoli Group is pleased to announce it will be displaying its latest launches at this year’s IAADFS Show with Chase International, booth 1111.

The Stoli Night Edition 2014, launched at the end of last year, is the second in a range designed to target nightlife. This new limited edition Stolichnaya Premium Vodka comes alive when chilled with a unique bottle that aims to take any party from ice cold to red hot in a matter of minutes. When the bottle’s cold, the party’s hot.

The frosted glass bottle has elements printed in temperature-activated ink; the transformation occurs once the bottle is chilled to under 15ºC/60ºF. Once the temperature has been reached, the innovative bottle shows high-energy elements from the night, including a DJ, shakers, drinks, and music symbols. The heart that features on the front of the bottle grows horns to symbolize the change from day to night.

Also being shown is the final installment in elit™ pristine water series: The Andean Edition. This highly limited edition in ultra-luxury vodka explores the concept of terroir, the idea that a place has the power to influence the flavor profile of a spirit. For each of the elit™ pristine water series editions, Stolichnaya master craftsmen scoured the world for the most exquisite water sources from which to craft the ultimate limited-edition vodka. This year, they trekked to the crystal clear waters of Lake Colico in the La Araucaní­a region of Chile, to a natural spring flowing from the foothills of the Andes Mountains. This water was added to elit’s meticulously crafted Russian Alpha Spirit to create the final vodka in this rare series.

With only 250 bottles set for global distribution, this highly limited edition spirit is the jewel in the crown of a series of unique vodkas of unprecedented perfection and exclusivity.

“The last year has been very successful for us in the U.S. and Canada markets, showing growth across the portfolio and throughout the Americas with key customers,” North America Duty Free Director John Karem said. “This year, we are forecasting more than 10 percent growth in Stoli Premium and 25 percent growth in elit after expanding distribution and programming throughout North America. Our flavored vodkas also remain a popular choice, especially in Latin America. We look forward to discussing this further at our booth at the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas.”


rootsCBM Inc./Meade Ray International announce new collections

CBM Inc./Meade Ray International are debuting three collections at the 2015 IAADFS Show. Each collection will be available in April. To learn more, visit booth 1910.

With its nautical inspired theme, the Aubrey Collection by Club Rochelier will make you want to sail away to exotic, faraway lands. With its striking navy/white stripes, gold hardware, and maximum functionality, it’s a true timeless piece that will carry you from day to evening.

Featuring color-blocking at its best comes the Quincy Collection, a new faux leather collection from ROOTS 73 — with its celestial and neutral palette, this accessory is all you need to make an entrance and show your fashion savvy.

The Drew Collection from ROOTS 73 is set to stand out this spring. In faux black and white leather, with its intricate center weave panel, it is the perfect addition to your minimalist wardrobe and an essential accessory to trend-set your style.


haribo2HARIBO launches Bear Buddies at show

You can try two different tastes in one with these cute Bear Buddies, one sour and one sweet. HARIBO Bear Buddies (500 g) are charming bear motifs in three combinations of fresh and tangy flavors: sour lemon with sweet cherry, sour orange combined with sweet apple, and sour black currant together with sweet blueberry.


freyChocolat Frey introduces world’s first personalized chocolate

The leading Swiss chocolate manufacturer introduces its new product innovation: chocolate pralines conveying a personalized message: «Message for you».

It’s often the little tokens of appreciation in life that nurture and sustain relationships. Chocolat Frey promotes these friendships with its highly innovative message pralines in beautifully designed boxes.

That is what travelers are waiting for — an exclusive chocolate gift that can easily and quickly be individualized and adapted to one’s personal needs.

Always the right words to say

«Life is beautiful, honey» is just one of more than 600 possible messages customers can create by rotating and combining the carefully wrapped chocolate pralines. To give the present a personal touch, simply open the box, arrange the pralines into the preferred message, and place them into the three windows, seal the box, and share the feeling.

Premium Swiss Chocolate

The praline with its unique notched shape is made of premium Swiss milk chocolate with the finest hazelnut cream and crunchy hazelnut pieces. Each piece is wrapped in glossy red aluminum foil to preserve its fine taste.


cocktailringsCrazy about colors — serious about fun

Put your sunglasses on because lolaandgrace is shining brighter than the sun with its SS 15 collection. Captivating cuts, on-trend colors, and the quality of Swarovski crystals come together for fun-filled jewelry that puts you in the mood to party. Turn up the heat with jewelry that completes any look and inspires you to be your beautiful, confident self. lolaandgrace jewelry is the perfect companion to carry you from flirty spring flings to summery shimmery festivals. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the fresh new jewelry and accessories brand from the Swarovski Group has just the thing to turn SS 15 into something special and something worth celebrating.

The all-new Cocktail collection injects your look with seasonal colors that sparkle with the one-of-a-kind shine of Swarovski crystals. Rings, pendant necklaces, and drop earrings come to life with nine different color ways that capture the spirit of the season: from blooming spring flowers and romantic getaways to summer beach parties and music festivals with the girls. With three different crystal cuts — oval, tear drop, and long cushion — there is a style and shade for every outfit.

These minimal-yet-mighty pieces are perfect for layering and are more than happy to be mixed and matched with other pieces from the lolaandgrace SS 15 collection. Taking their inspiration from your favorite cocktails, the jewelry can be combined for a real rainbow effect or worn singularly for just a little color kick. No matter how you decide to style them, the Cocktail collection from lolaandgrace is sure to brighten up your day, your night, and your look.

Play with color. Shine with crystals. #makethemoment.


eyemaskQuality sleep, sky high

The Silky Eye Mask from Go Travel adds a touch of luxury to any journey. New in 2015, the revolutionary design allows the wearer to block out intrusive light, resulting in better quality rest and maximized sleep potential, both in the air and on the ground.

Research from the Endocrine Society suggests that exposure to light can suppress the secretion of melatonin, altering the physiological process of falling asleep ( Enveloping the traveler in pure darkness, the Silky Eye Mask features a fleece lining that conforms to the shape of the wearer’s face to minimize light openings. Aiding the sleep process, it allows the user to fall asleep quicker and have a more restful journey.

Complemented by a supple and luxuriously soft outer layer that offers a deeper level of comfort, the gently cushioned design has an elastic and snag-free headband to ensure it is the perfect fit for every shape and size. This stretchy design avoids any uncomfortable or headache-inducing hair pulls.

The Silky Eye Mask is available in two attractive colors, magenta and blue sapphire — the perfect his-and-her travel accessory.


watchTyko expands successful Americas offering as business enjoys phenomenal growth

Tyko Travel Retail returns to the IAADFS Show with WorldClassBrands, booth 730, with a number of new exclusive collections including Breo Orb 10 and Axis.

Since partnering with WorldClassBrands last year, Tyko has received a fantastic response from its inflight and ground store partners within the Americas. Standing out from the crowd has been its brands Hippie Chic, Breo, and One Tribe, all of which have seen outstanding inflight sales.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new brands and ranges to the Americas,” said Martin Lovatt, Tyko’s sales director of travel retail. “Both Breo Orb 10 and Axis bring something new and exclusive to our expanding portfolio, and we are confident they will prove popular. We are also introducing to inflight our “on trend” modern classic timepieces Kartel and our unique, hand-made jewelry collection Daisy Chain at the IAADFS show. The reaction to the recent launch of these brands within Europe and Asia has been remarkable, and we expect big things from them throughout 2015. Each of the brands we represent provide our partners with a unique offering to their passengers, giving them a wide choice of style and price points.”

Breo Orb 10 

This travel retail exclusive brings a brilliant combination of style, durability, and functionality. The rugged Orb 10 watch ups the game when it comes to sport-inspired fashion. With a stopwatch, split lap times, day date, back light, alarm, and water resistance of 10 ATM, it’s the only choice for those who have an active lifestyle. With the addition of a flash of color and its modern finish, this watch combines a perfect blend of function, contemporary, style, and comfort.

Breo Axis 

The unisex travel retail exclusive analog watch is truly beautiful in its simplicity. With the trademark Breo color choices and its metallic dial featuring simple hour markers with contrasting hands, this makes a handsome piece of wristwear. A generous chunky case, a substantial winder, and a colored soft silicone strap ensure you won’t want to take this watch off.


lessecretsdeluluLulu Castagnette shares Les Secrets De Lulu

Lulu is a trendy young woman, fond of good food, and in love with her city. She is sharing her secrets for becoming the most perfect of all Parisians.

Discover the charms of this new line of three fresh, colorful, and sparkly fragrances, and follow Lulu through her treasure hunt in the heart of Paris, the city of all fantasies.

The bottle features a very couture spirit with chic, clean lines. The cap is adorned with a satin ribbon in the colors of each universe.

The packaging showcases three colors, or three universes. The embossed lock on the front gives the illusion of a box containing a secret. Turn the box around, discover the clue drawn on it, and immerse into your favorite universe. Design by Thierry Faucon.

Les Plaisirs 

On the weekend, enjoy the pleasures of a shopping spree with your friends along the Boulevard Haussmann. A citrusy fresh floral perfume, Les Plaisirs is a moment of joy and elegance to be shared.

Top notes: Lemon essence, bergamot, pear

Heart notes: Orange blossom absolute, freesia, fig

Base notes: Vetiver essence, musks, lorenox (amber notes)

Created by: Julie Massé and Serge Majoullier (Mane)

Les Délices

At sunrise, fall for food treats and many delights on the Place de la Madeleine. A gourmand fresh floral perfume, Les Délices is a sweet, tangy treat to be savored.

Top notes: Green tea, grapefruit, lemon zest

Heart notes: Peony, Madeleine cookie accord, lemon blossom

Base notes: Amber, vanilla, white musk

Created by: Alexandra Monet (DROM)

Les Rendezvous

At sunset, go for a date with your secret admirer in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Les Rendezvous is a fruity fresh floral perfume that is an intense case of love at first sight.

Top notes: Lime, red berries, juicy pear

Heart notes: Rose, peony, violet, peach

Base notes: Vanilla, cedar wood, white musk

Created by: Alexandra Monet (DROM)