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disaronnoIllva Saronno merges tradition with innovation in Orlando

Illva Saronno will be present again this year at the IAADFS Show, represented by regional distribution agent World Equity Brand Builders (WEBB). Highlighted at its booth will be its new limited edition bottle Disaronno Riserva, first shown at TFWA World Exhibition in October.

Disaronno Riserva is the result of an innovative and intriguing idea created by two companies within the Illva Saronno Group: Illva Saronno, producer and owner of worldwide known Disaronno, and wine company Duca di Salaparuta. This exceptional product results from marrying Disaronno with Scotch whiskey in oak barrels, which previously contained Marsala Reserves produced by the wine company. Disaronno Riserva is uniquely presented in a frame, which uses a transparent high tech film to keep it in suspension. The bottle screams sophistication and ultra-cool — making it the perfect gift for liquor lovers.

“We have been pleased with the efforts that WEBB has made on our behalf during the past 12 months, and we are beginning to see definite progress with our brands in the U.S., Caribbean, and within travel retail,” said Ludovica Reina, Illva Saronno travel retail manager. “The Americas has always been a successful sales region for Disaronno and Tia Maria, and the expertise of WEBB just adds to the strong marketing and sales strategy that we have for the region.”

Apart from Disaronno and Tia Maria, Illva Saronno’s portfolio also includes Zucca, Arctic Vodka, Zucca, Aurum, Isolabella Sambuca, Limoncello, Mandarinello, and various others.


jellybellyDisney© Ultra Gift Box

Disney’s favorite characters come to life on this elegant ultra gift box that Disney© fans will keep long after the jellybeans are gone. Featuring a combination of foil finishes and matte, this gift box is designed to display beautifully with the family of Jelly Belly Disney© Classic gift bags.


ultimuneSkin immunity: a new approach to beautiful skin for every woman

Shiseido will debut its new Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate in the Boston Room.

Like your body, your skin has its own immune system to defend you against aging, environmental threats, and emotional stress.

This immune system is complex, involving various cells. Among them, skin’s Langerhans cells play a vital role. Ultimune is the first and only product created to directly approach Langerhans cells to enhance the power source behind your skin’s immunity.

With 20 years of research behind it, Ultimune forges new ground in the science of beauty by taking a preventative approach to skin care. This innovative complex boosts the potential of these cells to protect, strengthen, and maintain healthy-looking skin.

From the day you start using Ultimune, you experience amazing results on three major aspects.

• Immediately: skin feels full and supple, with a silky smooth surface.

• In one week: skin appears to glow more than ever.

• In four weeks: firmness and resilience are improved, making wrinkles less visible (tested on 200 women).

Your skin, like your daily experience of skincare, is truly changed. Strong skin becomes your beautiful reality, at every age.

Because the beauty is already in you.


korsMichael Kors announces Spring 2015 eyewear collection

The Michael Kors Spring 2015 eyewear collection captures the glamour and effortless sophistication for which the designer is celebrated. Including both sun and optical styles, the season’s highlights range from sleek cat-eye shapes to cool, classic aviators and bold, screen-siren geometrics, each designed with the designer’s signature jet set sensibility.

Front and center is the new Miranda Eyewear Collection, inspired by Michael Kors’ iconic Miranda handbag and combining luxury, craftsmanship, and high-voltage glamour.

Miranda, a name Kors said he chose because “it’s something both old-school glamorous and barefoot modern at once,” blends vintage allure with contemporary fashion, lending understated, but unmistakable chic to any look.

The eyewear collection’s clean lines and soft curves, evident in both the optical and sun styles, reflect a streamlined luxury that derives directly from Michael Kors’ expert understanding of classic sportswear. Cues from the coveted Miranda handbag are both subtle and definitive: the signature tie and slide hardware at the temples, the rich materials, a confident, polished attitude. The temple detail is interpreted in three different materials — bold metals, brilliant stones, and luxe leathers — to evoke the three attitudes of the Michael Kors woman: sporty, sexy, and glamorous.


cloudzSNI announces release of amazing ON-Hand Pillow

Sourcing Network International (SNI) announces the official release of the Amazing ON-Hand Pillow by Clöudz.

The ON-Hand Pillow is so unique, it’s patented. It fits over the hand for perfect custom support. For airplane travelers, it’s the perfect solution for resting or sleeping against the airplane window. The ON-Hand Pillow can also can be used as a traditional neck pillow, lumbar pillow, or to sleep facing forward. The pillow features super soft plush on one side and cool spandex on the other for dual comfort. It features Comforlite microbeads inside and attaches to luggage for easy transport.


teaforteTea Forté adds touch of gold to art of tea, introduces ICON Au Gold tea infuser

Tea Forté, the global luxury tea brand, announced an aesthetic evolution of its iconic signature loose tea infuser with the introduction of the ICON Au Gold pyramid tea infuser. Centering on the design that has been embraced by discerning tea aficionados and premier properties around the world, the company’s newest offering is another contemporary accessory to the exceptional tea experience it offers.

“As the popularity of tea drinking continues to dramatically increase, we are excited how the beauty and functionality of the ICON Au Gold infuser communicates and distinguishes itself as the ultimate way to steep loose tea,” said Stuart Avery Gold, Tea Forté’s chief brand officer and creative compass. “As contemporary tea crafters, we are proud of the cultural role we play through our innovative and sensory experiences and are delighted that the ICON Au is a feature at the MoMA Design Store, which is recognized for offering a well edited selection of products that exemplifies good design.”

The ICON Au loose tea infuser is highlighted by a structured shaping that allows loose-leaf tea leaves to luxuriantly unfold in hot water. The non-reactive 23kt plated gold preserves the varied and unique characteristics of fine tea providing for an impeccable way to steep loose-leaf tea again and again. To use, simply remove the base and fill the infuser with fine tea, replace the base, and steep. When finished, the infuser can be rested on the accompanying ceramic artisan tea tray that is included with the product. The ICON Au Gold loose tea infuser is available through select high-end department stores, luxury gift and gourmet retailers, and on the company’s website.


kitkatNITR remains optimistic for category growth in Americas, focusing on Nestlé Swiss range

Despite a challenging 2014 in the Americas for the confectionery category, Nestlé International Travel Retail remains “bullish on delivering category growth in the region,” according to Global Head of Sales Alan Brennan.

“Nestlé will be working with its retail partners to optimize sales and deliver category growth focusing on converting more travelers to shoppers and shoppers to buyers, leveraging insight driven NPD and category action via its Perfect Store platform,” he said.

The primary brand focus in South and North America this year will be the launch of the Nestlé SWISS range, which offers a compelling exclusive gift for the traveler, while in-store activations will focus on the Kit Kat brand in South America.

In the Denver Room at the IAADFS Show, visitors will be able to see the full range of products for 2015 – the majority exclusive to travel retail — including Nestlé Swiss with its new elegant and premium look. Offering a new 230g giftbox of premium assorted dark chocolates with different signature tastes, along with 300g Bars and Sharing Bags, all formats are perfect for sharing and gifting.

Important for South America will be the new Kit Kat offer that supports the ongoing high level global campaign to promote the brand and its link to the perfect “break.” The offer is spearheaded by the launch of four different Kit Kat Break Time Sharing Bags. Each 517g easy carry bag is designed in a humorous way to represent a bag symbolizing a different type of travel break: Beach, City, Chic, or Globe Trotting. Eye-catching and unique, each bag contains 31 delicious Kit Kat Minis and is exclusive to travel retail.

Also new is a 162g Kit Kat Mini Chunky Snack Bag. Capitalizing on the global popularity of Kit Kat Chunky, these mini bite sizes are the must-have reference to increase sales at the Cash Till Point (CTP). Additionally for South America are new Smarties Disney Gift Boxes, each containing eight Smarties mini boxes for easy portion control plus a toy.

Visitors in Orlando will be able to view new look Nestlé Mix Sharing Bags designed to give a distinctive identity to the whole range and better communicate both the Mix concept and Nestlé’s extensive confectionery portfolio, along with the Nescafé range of Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, and Vanilla coffee mixes in a travel exclusive format.


teddybearEveryone loves a teddy bear

This beautiful teddy bear, brought to you by Premier Portfolio International Limited, is handmade with the finest material and is hand washable.

Available in different sizes varying from 15 cm to 35 cm and in different clothing that can have a logo created for any destination.

It’s perfect for retail sales and an excellent promotional aid.


milanoTravalo plans strategic growth for the Americas

Anyone in travel retail is familiar with Travalo — widely regarded as the leader in portable perfume technology and synonymous with style and convenience. Travalo was once simply a travel accessory. Now it’s a travel essential.

Already successful in the Americas, Travalo has continued to expand its portfolio. Travalo is launching a pioneering new spray technology that produces a finer mist dispersing perfume over a wider area and resulting in more efficient fragrance usage. Furthermore, the ingenious interchangeable inner bottle gives more flexibility and choice of cases to suit users’ mood and style. Travalo consumers can now alternate all of their favorite fragrances without the need for cleaning or waiting for their Travalo to run empty.

The New Classic One continues its position as the popular everyday model, while the Refined Milano is exclusive and luxurious. Classic by day and Milano by night. The travel retail world has been quick to support Milano and in addition to American Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada, and Avianca, further listings have recently been secured with Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, and Hawaiian Air, among others.

When asked about IAADFS and the Americas & Caribbean market, Ralph Bou Nader, Vice President of Genie-S (Travalo), said, “2015 will see us strengthening our relationship with airlines and working with key retailers on merchandising, placement, and promotion, along with continued investment in ground-store displays. We are constantly striving to support our resellers by refining and evolving products, packaging, and proposition.”

Travalo is exhibiting this year for the first time at IAADFS.


elitelit by Stolichnaya launches a 50cl bottle size

Elevating centuries of vodka tradition to hi-tech art, elit by Stolichnaya is the inception of ultra-luxury vodka. A spirit of breathtaking clarity and flawless molecular composition, elit is born from an obsession with accuracy and stands on five pillars of perfection: Source, Filtration, Purification, Bottling, and Packaging.

To continue its evolution, elit has just launched a new 50cl size throughout the Caribbean region. Consistently commended as the highest rated white spirit in the world, the smaller bottle size allows for elit’s further development.

“The 50 cl bottle is a ‘trial’ size,” added Dawn Lambert of Stansfeld Scott, “providing more consumers with the opportunity to experience a luxury vodka.”

The newly established Stoli Group, part of the SPI Group, has been refocusing Stolichnaya’s marketing strategy by placing Stolichnaya’s core offerings and credentials to the forefront of the brand’s messaging. elit continues to lead and to stand tall among its peers.


drambuieNew outlook for a centuries-old liqueur

Drambuie, the whiskey-based liqueur whose history dates to 1746, will take on a new dynamic in the Caribbean following its recent acquisition by William Grant & Sons.

Drambuie is a unique blend of aged Scotch whiskey, spices, heather honey, and herbs.

Its origins can be traced to a secret recipe created for Bonnie Prince Charlie by his Royal Apothecary in the 18th century. In 1746, after defeat at the Battle of Culloden, the Prince fled to the Highlands. In gratitude for helping him, the prince gifted John MacKinnon the secret recipe to his extraordinary elixir.

Its name is derived from the Gaelic “an dram buidheach,” meaning “the drink that satisfies,” and was later shortened to Drambuie.

A brand with a long and rich history, Drambuie rose to fame in the modern era as a key ingredient of the slow sipping favorite cocktail of the legendary Rat Pack Gang — the iconic Rusty Nail.

With the purchase of the Drambuie Liqueur Company by William Grant & Sons, the brand will now be managed in the Caribbean region by Stansfeld Scott, Inc. “We anticipate Drambuie will take on a new dynamic and offer real potential for growth,” said Dawn Lambert of Stansfeld Scott.

Drambuie is royal in appearance, exquisite in taste, and deliciously potent.