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mitrMITR brings smiles all the way to Orlando

Continuing its mission to spread smiles on a global scale, Mars International Travel Retail will be highlighting its latest smile-inducing products at the IAADFS Show.

Among its new fun-filled products being launched in Orlando to the Americas region is the new M&M’s mug. The perfect gift for a loved one, this is available as either the red or yellow M&M’s popular character. With a snappy quote and a 45g packet of M&M’s Choco included, this is a product for M&M’s lovers the world over, showing how coffee and chocolate are a great match.

Acknowledging the growing importance of snacking and sharing bags, MITR is introducing a new 450g Sharing Treats pouch-bag. Ideal for families and friends with different confectionery tastes, the Sharing Treats bag includes 15 mini bags of M&M’s, Skittles, and Maltesers, making it the perfect confectionery mix. Also new is the attention-grabbing design for the M&M’s Exclusive Pouch — another ideal pack for sharing with friends or family. This new range of M&M’s chocolate is available in Maxi size (440g) and aims to tap into the fun of travel retail.

“We are delighted to be present again at this year’s IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas,” MITR Marketing Director Lieke Duijmelings said. “We have a great selection of products to highlight for 2015 that will bring a smile to everyone who visits our booth.”


New flavors in Guylian’s Sea Shell Bars

Following the success of the four new Sea Horse Chocolates flavors, Guylian has introduced the snack-sized Sea Shell Bar in the same awarded flavors.


Guylian’s artisanal caramel is made and perfected by our master chocolatiers using the most refined techniques. Heated in open kettles, temperature and timing are adjusted to give our caramel the perfect color, aroma, and taste.

guylian_biscuitCrunchy Biscuit

The feuilletine biscuit was discovered in 1893 in France by letting a pancake bake too far. The caramelized, crisp biscuit soon became popular all around the world as a refined dessert ingredient.

The combination of a soft filling with a hint of vanilla and the crunchy bits of feuilletine biscuit delivers an unprecedented taste sensation.

guylian_milkMilk Truffle

Enjoy the sensation of the delicate taste of the creamy milk truffle filling, enrobed in the crisp Belgian milk chocolate shell. For the consumer that truly loves milk chocolate.

guylian_pralineOriginal Roasted Hazelnut Praliné

Its praliné is made by caramelizing and finely crushing hazelnuts and mixing them with the finest Belgian milk chocolate. This unique process delivers an unrivaled and indulgent taste sensation that will delight your senses.


GreenallsGinTonicQuintessential Brands exhibits for first time at IAADFS, announces partnership with Monarq

As the Quintessential Brands Group exhibits its portfolio of world-class brands at IAADFS for the first time, it’s also announcing the signing of Monarq as distributors for the Quintessential Brands portfolio of award-winning gins in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. duty free markets. The gins include Greenall’s The Original London Dry Gin, BLOOM Gin, Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin, and Berkeley Square London Dry Gin.

“We are delighted to be working with Monarq in the region and to be launching our partnership at IAADFS,” said William Ovens, international commercial director for Quintessential Brands. “Monarq is one of the leading one stop shops for premium independent spirits and is the perfect partner for Quintessential Brands’ portfolio of independently owned spirits. We will be showing our range of premium gins and spirits at IAADFS on the new group company L&L booth, as well as launching The Dubliner Irish Whiskey & Honeycomb at the show.”

The L&L and Quintessential Brands booth will be showcasing Quintessential’s portfolio of premium gins and the iconic range of exotic Alizé fruit liqueur spirits, Bohíªme coffee liqueur, the award-winning coffee rum liqueur, Toussaint, and Feeney’s Irish Cream.

The Quintessential Brands’ portfolio of Irish Creams, including Brogan’s and Feeney’s, will also be exhibited at the Chase International booth.