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hawaiianhostHawaiian Host takes new designs to Orlando

Hawaiian Host returns to the Duty Free Show of the Americas where it will again display its latest products and innovations at Chase International, booth 1111.

Primarily, Hawaiian Host will introduce new packaging for its American Vacation Box of 14 chocolate-covered macadamias, featuring the famous Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore set against blue skies.

“We’ve upgraded the box to make it more appealing on-shelf with brighter, more dominant visuals,” said Daniel Verduzco, assistant sales manager. “Destination merchandise remains a popular purchase item for travelers, and the American Vacation Box is perfect to meet this need.”

Hawaiian Host has also upgraded its Jewel Box, with a name change and a packaging re-vamp. Now called the “Classic Collection,” it features a premium assortment of classic flavors in one box, original milk chocolate macadamias, honey-coated whole macadamias, white chocolate whole macadamias, and dark chocolate whole macadamias.

“We are always pleased to exhibit at the Duty Free Show of the Americas through Chase,” Verduzco said. “It’s a busy week for us, creating a fantastic opportunity to meet established and new partners and a brilliant platform to present new products and packaging formats. It also gives us a chance to discuss possible promotions and activation concepts for the year ahead, and we have plenty of options to bring a taste of Hawaii right into the airport environment.”


biconicSNI announces official release of the B•ICONIC Men’s Program

SNI, a major wholesale manufacturer and distributor of travel and fashion accessories and owner of iconic consumer brands such as Clöudz, Travelab, and B•ICONIC, is announcing the release of its B•ICONIC Men’s Program.

Due to the overwhelming success of our program for ladies, we are excited to introduce our assortment of the best-selling fashion accessories for men. Some of the categories include: watches, stainless steel jewelry, cufflinks, leather wallets, stainless flasks, and a full assortment of socks. All items are high quality and have tremendous perceived value. The assortment is available either on our new compact floor spinner or to be merchandised in a section within a store. Our competitive costs for the products will enable retailers to offer the entire program to their customers at value retail.

“Initial retailer responses to the program have been encouraging to say the least,” said SNI EVP Randall Cohen. “Many retailers have clearly expressed that accessories offerings for men have been a missing link for quite some time. Our new program is the perfect solution and only requires 2.5 square feet.”


belugaBeluga Noble with rocks

Beluga Noble vodka is produced in the heart of Siberia — a region acknowledged as one of the most ecologically clean in Russia. All the ingredients of Beluga Noble pass through a strict system of purification and filtration that guarantees the maximum level of purity and quality in the final product. Finally, Beluga Noble “rests” for 30 days.

The special malt spirit and cleanest water from Siberian Artesian wells guarantee a smooth, rich flavor. Natural honey, an infusion of oats, and extracts of Sylibum and vanilla make the flavor multifaceted, complete, exquisitely contained, and, in one word, ideal.

The refined design of our bottle with hand-made elements reflects the nobility of Beluga Noble. On each bottle you will find one important feature — a small Beluga fish, traditionally fitted by hand, making every bottle unique.

This year we would like to highlight the exclusivity of the Beluga Noble vodka and propose to our customers a special Rocks Gift Set. We are confident that everybody will enjoy the noble spirit of our brand with the new set.


travelblueTravel Blue brings one-stop shop to Orlando

Offering its widest range of travel accessories ever, Travel Blue is exhibiting at the Duty Free Show of the Americas at booth 901 following another highly successful year in the region. With an expanded regional team to meet the growing demand for its products in both North and South America, Travel Blue is now well placed to not only offer a one-stop “travel accessory” shop for retailers, but importantly to offer the regional support required to ensure the best service.

Visitors to the booth can see just how easy it is to offer consumers a varied range of travel accessories via a range of attractive and space-saving merchandising systems that range from a shop-in-shop to corner and wall bay systems to simple stand-alone gondolas.

The offer includes Travel Blue’s TECH range of more than 150 electrical/electronic/digital items including: country and worldwide adaptors, USB adaptors, power banks, speakers, cables, earphones, Bluetooth headphones, USB car and wall chargers, laptop bags, and more. The range is proving so successful on the ground that Travel Blue is now actively promoting the TECH line to airlines globally.

“The core items within the offer are perfect for in-flight sales,” said Jonathan Smith, director of travel retail. “Airlines can choose products that best suit their passenger profile, region, and demographic; they are ideal for impulse sales and boosting that all-important need for additional revenue.”

Also on show in Orlando is Travel Blue’s recently added color range of micro-pearl neck pillows in red, light blue, deep blue, and purple.

“We first introduced these at TFWA World Exhibition last year and the response has been phenomenal,” Smith said. “We’re now introducing them to the Americas region and are confident of a similar reaction. It’s amazing how adding color to a range of products can really boost sales.”

Listed with 12 of the top leading 15 duty free retailers, Travel Blue offers the widest range of accessories to travelers, synonymous with “Travel in Comfort and Safety.” The company has subsidiaries in key markets worldwide and is committed to offering fast-moving products supported by excellent customer service. It invented the unique free lost-and-found service that gives the consumer the comfort of knowing that his/her valuables can be traced and found around the world. This service is completely free of cost for partners and consumers, providing a real added value for travelers.


ponchecaribe2Ponche Caribe: island taste, world flavor

Ponche Caribe is a smooth and mellow cream liqueur resulting from a secret family recipe combining rum, creamy milk, vanilla, and additional exotic spices. Produced by the Leáñez Family since 1935, Ponche Caribe is Curaçao’s No. 1 selling cream liqueur. Visit booth 1338 to learn more.


Neuhaus celebrates 100 years of ballotins with vintage release

neuhausIn honor of the 100th anniversary of the invention of the Neuhaus ballotin, Neuhaus has created an exclusive collection of three vintage ballotins with unique serial numbers and packaged with a festive ribbon in a matching gift bag.

The layout of these vintage editions is based on original Neuhaus designs. The vintage ballotin comes in three original designs that will be equally mixed for each outercase.

When Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the first praline in 1912, he packaged it in a paper cone, just like chips. Unfortunately, this would damage most pralines. Jean Neuhaus’ wife, Louise Agostini, then
invented a new form of packaging in 1915 that protected the pralines. She designed a box in which the pralines were arranged in various layers beside and on top of each other, divided by paper: the ballotin.


flordecanaFlor de Caña launches Blanco Reserva 7

Flor de Caña, the award-winning, Slow-Aged™ rum of Nicaragua, launched Blanco Reserva 7, a super-premium aged white rum that is exceptional for sipping on the rocks, or with a splash of sparkling water and a twist of orange. The new super-premium white rum features the elegant package design that Flor de Caña recently introduced across its brand portfolio in response to its growing worldwide popularity.

“Flor de Caña’s new Blanco Reserva 7 will expand our consumer base by offering a super-premium white rum that provides a richer drinking experience,” said Robert Collins, managing director of Flor de Caña. “The newest member of the award-winning Flor de Caña rum family, Blanco Reserva 7 complements our premiumization strategy and continues to position the brand as a high-quality slow-aged rum.”

The taste is full-bodied, smooth, and creamy, with a sweetly floral nose and a hint of vanilla. Flor de Caña Blanco Reserva 7 launched in August 2014 in duty free stores worldwide, with a wider rollout this year in Central America and Mexico.


Godiva drives Americas business with innovations and activations

Every year, the Godiva Travel Retail team brings new and exciting innovations to the category and 2015 is no exception. Supported by compelling theater, high-profile promotions, and inspiring activations, Godiva continually keeps its confectionery offer fresh, appealing, and on-trend.

At this year’s IAADFS Show, the regional team — led by Travel Retail Regional Manager Americas/Caribbean Diane Buchanan — is delighted to present three new collections to buyers that together represent the essence of Godiva: innovation, artisanal Belgian quality and heritage, decadent and luxurious flavors, and perfect packaging for travelers. Visit booth 823.

godiva1Coeur Iconique Limited Edition

This trendy box of two neon pop color combinations has been designed to appeal to Millennials, young adults who have grown up in an increasingly online and socially networked world. Playing on the keepsake and cuteness factor, Coeur Iconique Limited Edition comprises six Godiva hearts, available in milk, dark, and white chocolate variations. An affordable yet highly desirable gift with intrinsic keepsake value, Coeur Iconique taps into the current pop art trend with its vibrant colors: fresh mint and soft pink or flashy purple and vibrant orange. Coeur Iconique Limited Edition is available June 1.


There are Godiva biscuits …now discover Godiva Sablés! Nothing can compare to the buttery Belgian biscuits created by Godiva’s Chefs Chocolatier. Delicious and sophisticated, rich and impressive, Godiva’s fine butter biscuits or Sablés call on the culinary traditions of different cultures; spicy ginger from Asia, buttery pecans from Central America, dark chocolate from the African continent, and almond speculoos from Belgium. Each bite offers a unique blend of exquisite flavors, dipped in smooth, rich Belgian chocolate to create an unforgettable taste experience. A mouthwatering balance of taste and pleasure, the shape of the biscuits reinforces the craftsmanship of Godiva, while the different flavors showcase the chefs’ creativity and know-how in making enticing and delicious creations.

These Sablés, which are 100 percent made in Belgium, are packaged to blend into the overall Godiva range with its familiar blue base, but convey additional refinement and premiumness through gold detail and embossing. A hot air balloon design on the box conveys a vintage theme of quality and heritage while making the offer relevant to travelers.

The collection offers three different monopacks: Almond Speculoos, Pecan Chocolate Chips, and Ultimate Chocolate; an exclusive Travel Retail Quattro Pack (two Ultimate Chocolate, one Pecan Chocolate Chips and one Almond Speculoos) and 18 individually wrapped biscuits (Ultimate Chocolate, Macadamia Ginger, and Almond Speculoos). The individually wrapped biscuits ensure freshness and meet consumer expectations particularly in the American and Asian markets.

godiva3Mousse Meringue

Part of a global collection, Mousse Meringue has been created to delight the senses through unique recipes. Bringing together the world of patisserie with Godiva’s classic chocolates, beneath each rich, hard chocolate shell is a light and refreshing filling containing a meringue piece.

The collection offers six delectable recipes: from indulging chocolate and praliné, to refreshing lemon and mandarin, tangy strawberry and smooth coffee mousse. Appealing to all ages, these ‘cloud-like’ confection creations come in two sizes of nine and 16 pieces, within a beautiful light pink giftbox with soft white embossed meringue swirls and finished with a delicate gold ribbon. For consumers, Mousse Meringue brings a new concept in chocolate confectionery delight — moments of utter gorgeousness!


bucoBUCO Handbags presents 2015 collection at IAADFS Show

BUCO Handbags is pleased to present the Spring 2015 handbag collection that introduces new laser cut designs, a wide array of fresh spring colors, and the incorporation of materials such as cork and exotic inspired skins. The light and bright color palette and elegant laser-cut patterns make the collection feminine, while the light weight of the handbags and removable interior pouch make them functional. See what the buzz is about at BUCO Handbags, booth 2307.


furla Furla launches GTR exclusive line in Orlando

Following the huge popularity of its Icon Piper bag — and to meet the growing demand for difference within travel retail — Furla is delighted to announce the launch of a global travel retail exclusive line. Being launched to travel retail buyers at the IAADFS Show at booth 2223, this new offer is seen as confirmation of Furla’s strong commitment to the global travel retail business.

The Piper Medium Dome is a modern bag designed to inspire women everywhere. For travel retail, the exclusive “Limited Edition” will be available in soft Ares leather in Rose, and new Stucco and Storm colors. To further distinguish the bag, a special Furla charm not found within the main Furla collection has been designed. The Rose, Stucco, and Storm colors will be featured within the main Autumn Winter 2015/16 collection, but are exclusive to travel retail within the Piper line.

“I am extremely pleased that Furla has the confidence and trust in travel retail to warrant the development of this exclusive line,” Furla Global Travel Retail Director Gerry Munday said. “The travel retail business continues to grow steadily for the brand on a global basis on the ground, in the air, and at sea. I am confident that the addition of this exclusive Piper bag will give further appeal to the Furla brand and become a compelling offer for travelers looking for something a little different to the High Street.”

The new Piper Medium Dome will be shown in Orlando alongside Furla’s main Autumn Winter 2015/16 Collection.


karmaKarma Tequila announces arrival of Agave, ultra-premium release

Karma Tequila is proud to announce its launch into the duty free market presenting its 100-percent agave, ultra-premium tequila. Karma Tequila is a small batch, all natural tequila made with well water containing no glycerin or additives.

“The thing that makes us so special is that we are a 100 percent natural product made with the finest blue agave from the highlands of Mexico paying every attention to detail,” said Guy Scarpelli, vice president of duty free markets. “Besides our smooth and sweet signature Silver, we have a unique Reposado aged about one year in American oak barrels and an exceptionally aged (aged about three years) Anejo, which is your ultimate sipping tequila — a bourbon lover’s delight. Karma has been continuously honored with top ratings and recognized with numerous industry awards for its consistent quality.

“Even though we are the new kids on the block entering the world of duty free, Karma continues its ascent as a dynamic premier brand with a bright future that reinforces our motto: When Karma flows, good things follow!”


guylianGuylian’s Luxury Assortment Opus

Our Luxury Assortment Opus is named after the most famous operas. The range has six flavors and was redesigned in 2014.

Discover Crunchy Biscuit, Caramel, and Pear-Mango Ganache next to our well-known flavors of Original Praliné, Smooth Truffle, and Cappuccino Cream.

The design of the pralines shows the true craftsmanship of our chocolatiers. Take the details of the milk chocolate mask of the Phantom of the Opera for example. The finely crafted shape that sits atop the white chocolate base is just stunning.

Luxury Assortment Opus Gift Wrap Ballotin 

The Gift Wrapped Ballotins are perfect for that last minute gift and will bring joy to any chocolate lover. They are hand-wrapped, with a stylish golden ribbon and a customizable booklet for a personal message.

Luxury Assortment Opus Golden Gift Box

Our newly designed golden Opus box surprises the consumer with a unique golden look, a stylish presentation of the pralines and a golden ribbon with quality seal. The image of the Brussels Grand Place is a reference to our Belgian heritage and the premium quality of our chocolates.

Guylian’s Opus Assortment is inspired by the most famous operas and was completely redesigned in 2014. Savor our eight fillings, including Soft Caramel, Pear-Mango Ganache, Crunchy Biscuit, and Cappuccino Cream.


rocapatronPatrón Spirits introduces Roca Patrón, a trio of artisanal, tahona-only tequilas

For tequila lovers with a taste for something new yet extraordinarily steeped in tradition, Patrón Spirits is honored to unveil Roca Patrón, the company’s first line of tequilas produced entirely from the labor-intensive, centuries-old tahona process.

Crafted from only the highest quality, 100 percent Weber Blue Agave, each tequila in the new Roca Patrón family — Roca Patrón Silver, Roca Patrón Reposado, and Roca Patrón Añejo — is traditionally handcrafted at a specific proof, higher than the core line of Patrón tequilas, to create the perfect balance of flavors.

Travel retail is the only international market where Roca Patrón will be available this year.

Roca Patrón is the product of a painstakingly meticulous — and today rarely practiced — process that starts with a tahona, a giant two-ton stone wheel hand-carved from volcanic rock (roca), that slowly crushes the cooked agave to break the bonds of fiber and release the rich agave juice. From here, both the juice and the agave fiber are placed together into wooden fermentation vats for 72 hours, and then distilled in small-capacity, handmade copper pot stills. Because of its intensive nature, it is believed that only a handful of the more than 150 working tequila distilleries in Mexico still utilize the tahona process.

“What truly sets this process apart from other more automated methods of producing tequila is that in the tahona process, we introduce the agave fibers — not just the agave juice — into fermentation and distillation,” said Francisco Alcaraz, Patrón’s master distiller. “Patrón is one of only a small number of distilleries in Mexico that still uses this traditional tahona process. It’s very time consuming and expensive to create tequila in this way, but it’s well worth the effort, as the tahona method creates an incredible and distinctively complex tequila, characterized by its earthy and vegetal aromas and flavor.”

While Roca Patrón is the company’s first line of tequilas crafted exclusively from the tahona process, the process itself is nothing new to Patrón. From the brand’s very beginning, every tequila in the Patrón portfolio has included tahona tequila in the blend. The core line of Patrón tequilas, and Gran Patrón Platinum and Gran Patrón Burdeos, are created from a combination of tahona tequila and tequilas produced from the more modern roller mill process. Patrón has also recently introduced a tahona-only extra añejo, Gran Patrón Piedra.

Roca Patrón, along with the company’s entire portfolio of luxury ultra-premium spirits (Patrón tequilas and liqueurs, Ultimat vodka, and Pyrat rum), are being showcased at Patrón Spirits, booth 531.


lambrettaLambretta watches: Refined Italian retro

Lambretta Watches is presenting four new styles in Cognac Leather and Milanese Mesh in its popular Cesare collection. The collection pays tribute to Cesare Battaglini, who crossed every continent covering nearly 10,000 miles on a Lambretta scooter between 1956 and 1959, and became a true Italian Lambretta icon. The Lambretta Cesare watch is a modern interpretation of a classic ’50s gentleman’s watch — something Battaglini likely would have worn. It comes with a 42 mm steel case with a slim shape and a thin rim that makes room for a generous dial. The shimmering sunray dial has a simple yet distinct index. Its vintage leather strap is complete with a natural grain or steel bracelet in elegant Milanese mesh. The two hands movement with no second hand is a typical 50’s-style watch and adds to its clean retro look.


travelproTravelpro debuts Crew Executive Choice Business Case Collection

Travelpro, the inventor of Rollaboard luggage and a market leader in innovative, high-quality luggage design, is pleased to introduce the Crew Executive Choice Business Case Collection. This premium business case line enhances Travelpro’s flagship Crew luggage collection by integrating some highly functional briefcases, backpacks, and overnighters into the overall offering. Genuine leather accents and durable fabrics enable the business traveler to travel in confidence with the latest advances in luggage and business cases, all from one compatible product offering.

Genuine leather handles combined with sturdy nylon fabric make the Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Brief and Checkpoint Friendly Slim Brief a stylish and damage-resistant option for business travelers on the go. Checkpoint’s friendly design allows the traveler to keep their laptop inside the bag while going through the security X-ray machine at the airport. Each item is equipped with a RFID-blocking security pocket, Quick Loop system, a padded and quilted corduroy pocket that fits a 15.6-inch laptop, a separate padded tablet pocket, and a built-in business organizer for quick access storage of key business essentials. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps provide comfort for users of different heights.


perfettiPerfetti Van Melle debuts Mentos Gum Nano Bottles

Perfetti Van Melle Global Travel Retail’s primary focus is its new Mentos Gum Nano Bottles, positioned to be an alternative gift for adults. The Mentos Gum Gift Pack contains five mini bottles with five different functional Pure Fresh flavors. Aligning with the current health trend, the gum is sugar free, yet does not disappoint on flavor. The assortment packaging allows travelers to sample each of the five flavors: Fresh Mint, Spearmint, Euca Menthol, Bubble Fresh, and Lime Mint, which have previously proved to be popular gum flavors. With no gift item currently present for gum in travel retail, this innovative product is sure to be a popular confectionery item.


primalrootsPrimal Roots unleashes its red blend in the Caribbean region

Red Blends have swiftly ascended to become one of the top five most popular wine types in the United States, already representing 6 percent market share in value according to IRI. An approachable and appealing choice, red blends have seen double-digit growth during the last year.

Primal Roots has been one of the leaders in this growing category since its creation, and during the past few months, this Constellation wine brand has become even more visible with new placements in the Caribbean region.

“In the last three months, we have had a dozen new placements in the region,” said Ethan Perk, vice president of sales and marketing for Stansfeld Scott. “Considering Primal Roots is one of the top red blend brands in the super premium segment, we are expecting this number to double in 2015.”

The true essence of Primal Roots begins with the untamed full-bodied qualities of three grape varietals that are artfully blended to create a silky smooth and sensual wine. Merlot creates a soft and luxurious texture; Syrah lends balanced structure, while Zinfandel rounds out the wine by adding a touch of warm spice.

Uninhibited, sensual, and mischievous. Primal Roots is everything one should expect from a red blend and more.