IAADFS Fun Run/Walk gets off to strong start

Sunday's charitable IAADFS 3K Fun Run/Walk  raised $3,500 for Escuela de la Calle.

Sunday’s charitable IAADFS 3K Fun Run/Walk raised $3,500 for Escuela de la Calle.

Nearly 60 IAADFS Show attendees hit the pavement Sunday morning to help the same number of street children in Guatemala.

The inaugural IAADFS 3K Fun Run/Walk raised $3,500 — donated by IAADFS — for Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC), which works with street children, former street children living with foster families, and children at risk of becoming homeless.

“This is the first year we’ve done a charity fun run/walk, and I have to say it was very successful,” said Michael Payne, IAADFS executive director. “The attendance exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to donating a substantial sum to the EDELAC school. Based on the feedback I’ve received from some of the participants, they’re already looking forward to next year.”

Brenda Cortes, senior area manager for Essence Corp, was the fastest woman coming in at 13:12 — and that’s after she ran a full two miles.

Essence Corp.'s Brenda Cortes, left, was the fastest woman at Sunday's charitable IAADFS 3K Fun Run/Walk, which raised $3,500 for Escuela de la Calle.

Essence Corp.’s Brenda Cortes, left, was the fastest woman at Sunday’s charitable IAADFS 3K Fun Run/Walk, which raised $3,500 for Escuela de la Calle.

“It was nice,” she said. “Especially since it’s for a really nice cause. All of my friends are here. It’s really fun. You’re not just running to run either, you’re also contributing to a good cause.”

She runs regularly and encourages other IAADFS Show attendees to do the same.

“It helps you not only with your health, but also it helps you with your professional life,” she said. “With all of the stress that we all have, it releases your stress and then you start the convention refreshed.”

Ben Webb, commercial sales manager for TR Business in London, was the first-place male with a 12:28 time.

“It was brilliant,” he said. “It was nice to run on the golf course, which you don’t do normally.”

Webb started running again six weeks ago after a long break. He has enjoyed getting back in shape and is glad he was able to run for children in need.

“It’s always good any time you can run and make money for a charity,” he said. “It’s nice of IAADFS to donate for everyone. I hope they do it every year. It’s nice to have everyone get together in casual clothes, which you don’t really get in the industry that often.”

Cortes agreed and is looking forward to next year.

“It’s inspiring,” she said. “Hopefully more people will attend. In the end, you get to meet more people in the industry. We’re always working, and with this, you get to mingle with people from other companies.”

IAADFS would like to thank Essence Corp for its sponsorship of the IAADFS Fun Run/Walk.


EDELAC: School of the Street

Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC), which translates to School of the Street, was founded in the mid-1990s to help child laborers in the central park of Quetzaltenango (Xela for short), Guatemala, providing educational assistance, medical attention, and resolution of the family issues that led them to the streets in the first place.

EDELAC soon rented a house and began caring for some of these children full time, and later built and expanded on a new home. The school serves more than 150 students, and like the home, is funded by the profits of Quetzaltrekkers, a guided trekking business that was also launched by the founder of EDELAC, Guadalupe Pos.