IAADFS Show key for travel retail exposure

Reba Americas is having a strong show with its lines of perfumes from Parlux and Travalo.

Reba Americas is having a strong show with its lines of perfumes from Parlux and Travalo.

No matter the size of booth or the type of product — liquor, perfume, tobacco, accessory, or clothing — exhibitors said the IAADFS Show is the undeniable lead show for exposure in the space. Beyond that, exhibitors said the quality of onsite meetings has been first rate.

“I think this show is more about liquor and perfume and less about accessories, but it is important for us,” said David Ferreira, head of Global Travel Retail for Cross. The accessories company is introducing its Shaeffer and Ferrari lines of pens to travel retail. “The quality of our meetings has been very good.”

Although traditionally recognized for quality pens, Cross also carries a line of eyeglass readers, which Ferreira said accounts for half of his company’s sales in this space.

Reba Americas is having a strong show with its lines of perfumes from Parlux and Travalo. Besides introducing a number of new celebrity fragrances, including Rihanna’s Ri Ri and Sean John’s 3 a.m., Reba Americas has had a steady stream of positive buyer meetings thanks to preplanned meetings.

“Buyers are looking for new products and good price points in the duty free market, and we fill that void,” said Benny Albert, sales manager of Reba Americas LLC.

Many exhibitors cited liquor and perfume as the stars at this show, but felt that there was value for their category to be here as well.

Jeanne Henry, in charge of licensing for Zippo Manufacturing Company, said the company lined up 25 meetings, and everyone has shown up. “It has been a very good show for us,” she said. The company attends many other trade events throughout the year due to the many channels it covers. She said this show still rates high for Zippo’s many travel products, including clothing, hats, pens, watches, perfumes, and, of course, lighters.

Andres Suarez, travel retail Americas & Caribbean area manager for Kronos Americas LLC, said he has had solid appointments here at the show. “It is always worth attending for the positive exposure,” he said. This year, Kronos introduced a line of Reebok watches to add to its CAT and Taittinger products.

The IAADFS Show is an “absolutely important show in the region,” according to Fabien Olaiz, area director Latin America and the Caribbean islands of Camus Wine and Spirits. Although the cost of travel from Panama is high, he said it’s worth every dollar. “We set up meetings in advance and are fortunate to meet with many great buyers,” he said.

Melanie Mercado with Wonderful Pistachios also reported a successful show. “We have already covered the cost of our show. We have had customers from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Central America and Mexico.”

For first-time exhibitors Travel Clozs and Flydrate, this week has been a home run for their fledgling companies. Diane Kenny, president of Travel Clozs, said the exposure, product discussions and contacts made this a worthwhile show.

For Flydrate’s Vice President of Marketing Liana Bergman, this show is a bit of a milestone. She officially launched the product, Flydrate, yesterday, a product “10 years in the making.” Bergman, who regularly flew between New York and California, was challenged by dry air on planes and places in between. She went into the lab and came up with her facial hydration product, which she is talking up to travel retailers this week.