Karma Tequila comes around at 2015 IAADFS

At the IAADFS Show, Karma Tequila is featuring its three award-winning tequilas: Silver, Reposado, and Anejo.

At the IAADFS Show, Karma Tequila is featuring its three award-winning tequilas: Silver, Reposado, and Anejo.

What goes around, comes around. That’s the theme behind Karma Tequila, which hopes its good fortune is realized as it debuts its brand of tequila at booth 2617 at the 2015 IAADFS Show.

“Now that Karma Tequila is available in most international gateway states in the United States, and based on the amount of inquiries we receive from potential customers overseas, we feel duty free partnerships will be an excellent vehicle to further expand overseas,” said Guy F. Scarpelli, director of sales for Karma Tequila.

At the IAADFS Show, Karma Tequila is featuring all three of its award-winning tequilas: Silver, Reposado, and Anejo. Karma Tequila has been produced at a family-owned and operated distillery since 1937. One of Mexico’s first distilleries, it still produces its small batch tequilas based on old-school techniques with no shortcuts.

“What differentiates our tequila from all others is Karma Tequila is an all-natural, 100 percent agave blend of double- and triple-distillation tequila,” he said. “Along with using well water from our highlands estate, Karma Tequila finishes sweet and smooth, without the bite or burn.”

Scarpelli said the tequila category continues to grow each year — more so than any other spirit. The quality of tequilas in general also continues to improve, causing many vodka and bourbon drinkers to drink more tequila.

“Karma Tequila would love to create a few relationships with duty free organizations that see the value in our product,” he said. “Our bottle design is extremely attractive for the potential customer to want to pick up and hold in their hands when they pass in the aisle, but its what’s inside the bottle — the juice — that will win over the consumer to want to buy again. Karma Tequila is not a novelty product for a one-time purchase. Customers will continue to purchase again and again, and we hope our duty free partners do, too.”

Following its own philosophy, Scarpelli said Karma Tequila believes in giving back.

“All Karma Tequila bottles also have a special ‘Karma Cares’ detachable bracelets, as Karma Tequila donates to multiple children’s charities, improving the lives of children around the globe,” he said.

Scarpelli added that he’s excited to introduce his company’s tequila to the buyers at the 2015 IAADFS Show.

“Being the new kids on the block, we know there is so much promise and opportunity that awaits Karma Tequila because we enjoy being people pleasers, and we never get tired of positive feedback,” he said.