Buyers find many exciting products at 2015 IAADFS Show


Many attractive products caught the eye of buyers at the IAADFS Show.

Buyers found many new and exciting products as they walked the IAADFS Trademarket floor at this year’s IAADFS Show.

Alex McClenaghan, group marketing manager for Cayman Distributors Group, said he enjoyed the Knob Creek smoked bacon bourbon.

“I think artisanal cocktails are on the rise, and have been for years, so now you have a chance to make it available for home consumption,” he said. “People are washing bourbon in bacon at hotels, restaurants, and bars, but now you can take it home, throw it on the rocks, and you don’t need a mixology degree.”

Luis Wadgymar, buyer with ASUR, was intrigued by the travel accessories he found.

“I liked the neck pillows, masks, and carry-on items for travel from Cabeau. We are in the airport business, and that’s new to us. It was a really good surprise,” he said.

Claudio Kaczka, buyer with Birka LLC, was impressed by a new company’s presence at the show.

“There is a new brand I like. The fixtures are so cool, so new,” he said. “There’s wood, and the way they put the lights on their display is great. The name is Rituals Cosmetics. It looks so good.”

Anastasia Kehr, buyer with Ammex, said one product’s use of story made an impression on her.

“At the Remy booth, they had a new product, Bruichladdich, and it has a wonderful story,” she said. “Sometimes in duty free, we tend to lose the story behind the product. It’s important that we remember that customers still want to learn. We need to offer that to them.”