Chewpod energizes the duty free market

With its new chewable dietary supplements, IAADFS Show newcomer Chewpod USA plans to help travelers stay at the top of their games.

Chewpod USA developed its tablets for those who have difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, decreased ability to focus, or are suffering from jet lag — a common concern among travelers.

According to Chris Tolos, Chewpod’s director of business development, Chewpod USA’s products enhance both energy and sleep in a quick and convenient way, and represent the next generation of dietary supplements. They are convenient to use, requiring no water since they’re not swallowed like pills; consumers simply chew two mint-flavored Chewpod tablets for five minutes. The lightweight tablets easily fit into a pocket or bag. Made in Canada, Chewpods are 100 percent sugar free, sodium free, fat free, and only five calories per serving.

The Sleep Chewpod helps improve quality and length of sleep, and assists in resetting the body’s sleep/wake cycle (which can be extremely beneficial in reducing jet lag). Its Energy Chewpod enhances endurance and alertness for those times you need a burst of energy, such as after a long flight. Both will be on display at Chewpod USA’s booth 1702.

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