Exotic liqueurs sweeten up IAADFS Show

choyaExplore the delicate taste of aged Japanese ume fruit in Choya’s traditional Japanese liqueur, Umeshu. New to the IAADFS Show exhibitor lineup, Choya’s Umeshu will be on display at booth 1204.

The unique, delicious tang of Umeshu whets the appetite with its refreshing citrus flavor, which comes from aging the whole fruit, pit and all. “The liqueur is popular among the Japanese and Chinese cultures. It has also become a booming product for the airlines, as well as for Central and South American duty free retailers,” said Seiji Susuki, senior manager for Choya.

Choya’s booth will spotlight its premium Gold Edition French brandy and Extra Series. The Gold Edition is a popular gift, and its production doesn’t exceed 500 bottles per day, each one handmade. Choya’s Extra Series, which includes Extra Years, Extra Shiso, and Royal Honey products, is crafted by steeping ume fruit in alcohol with sugar. Extra Years is aged for two to three years to achieve a balanced taste. Extra Shiso features the unique Japanese herb shiso, while Royal Honey uses natural clover honey with royal jelly instead of sugar.

Due to the popularity of its brands, Choya has introduced a miniature set of Extra Years, perfect for gifting. For more information, visit www.choya.com.