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Say it with Toblerone

Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR) has updated Toblerone’s iconic offering with a strategic focus on gifting and personalization. The famous triangular 360g Swiss Milk chocolate bar now is available in a variety of customized packaging options. The sweet’s sleeves carry emotional messages that enrich the gifting experience. Choose from “I Love You,” “Missed You,” “Thinking of You,” and “Superstar.” Exclusive to travel retail, Toblerone Messages make the perfect gifts to bring home to friends and loved ones from abroad.

Building on the success of its Sense of Place campaign and destination city sleeve concept, Mondelez WTR has created a new generation of sleeve designs inspired by country flags around the globe. The promotion features mosaic patterns that represent a flag complemented by “Hello” in the local language.

At the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas, Mondelez WTR also will showcase a new look for its stands. The goal is to drive digital engagement by encouraging consumers to interact on social media platforms using #sayitwithtoblerone. The company will have other novelty brands on display as well, including Cadbury, Milka, Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Daim, Trident, and Bassetts.

Stoli offers more than just vodka

Stoli Group® returns to the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas with an expanded portfolio.

Bayou Rum® is handcrafted, pot-distilled, and produced from fresh Louisiana sugarcane.

KAH® tequila, which translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language, was designed in honor of Mexico. Each bottle is presented in its own uniquely decorated skull bottle that resembles the Day of the Dead.

Cabeau unveils colorful, functional accessories

This year at the IAADFS Duty Free Show, Cabeau will debut its 2017 collection with a fresh, rebranded look. The consumer travel products company also will introduce an extended portfolio of new accessories. Included are a range of luggage straps, luggage tags, and luggage locks that ensure every passenger’s belongings are safe, secure, and easily identifiable. The synthetic leather construction lends itself to wearability and durability.

Luggage straps: Give your luggage some added protection with lightweight, sturdy 1.5 or 2 inch luggage straps that are available in four colors.

Luggage tags: Brighten up your bags with colorful and fashionable styling. A selection of four shades allows for quick and accurate luggage identification.

Luggage locks collection (ABS cover locks, luggage combination locks, metal locks, and luggage locks): Journey with confidence, knowing all your valuables are safe and sound with a variety of locks and features.

Biscuits for all tastes and occasions

Whether you need to find the perfect gift for friends and family back home or simply crave a moment of indulgence after a long day of global networking, the delicious new additions to the Travel Retail Exclusive by Ritter Sport might be your answer.

All four of the latest irresistible releases have been designed exclusively with travelers in mind.

Ritter Sport Smiley Gift Box will make a lasting impression with 18 individually wrapped minis in the signature varieties of Marzipan, Fine Milk Chocolate, Praline, Cornflakes, Hazelnuts, and Butter Biscuits.

Ritter Sport Heart Gift Box will show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Ritter Sport Travel Box is perfectly compact and filled with three delectable flavors of Alpine Milk Chocolate, Hazelnuts, and Butter Biscuit, as well as eight mouth-watering minis. The travel box provides the best of everything without squashing in your suitcase.

Ritter Sport minimeter is packed with 72 tasty minis for the chocoholic in your life.

If you can’t get enough, stop by Ritter Sport’s booth for its top-selling items, including Ritter Sport mini Pouch, Ritter Sport 100g Tower, and Ritter Sport mini Tower — all exclusive for travel retail.

Travel Blue celebrates 30 years

World-leading travel accessories supplier Travel Blue is back at IAADFS 2017 and celebrating its 30th anniversary. Travel Blue will be sharing its story and presenting a select product range from their current portfolio, including their most recent innovation – the Tranquility Pillow.

Siboney: A distinctive rum with history

World-class Siboney rum will be on display at this year’s Duty Free show. Aged in oak wood barrels under the warmth of the Caribbean weather, the unique, exquisite rums include Reserva Especial, the most ancient rum in Santo Domingo that is continuously distilled.

The story of Siboney began in 1920, when the Cochon Calvo family, originally from Spain, settled in Santo Domingo to become the first distillers of rum in the capital city of the Dominican Republic. They built “La Colon,” a distillery where they began to produce high-quality rum and where their trademark brand Siboney was born, quickly excelling above all the other products in their portfolio.

Today, Siboney is distilled using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology that helps it maintain the high-quality standards demanded by the industry, so that it can compete on a global scale.

The alcohol used in this spirit comes from the direct fermentation of sugar cane, which gives the rum its sweet taste. Siboney is produced in five different variants with different aging times:

  • Siboney Licor de Ron 34, 12 Months
  • Siboney Blanco Selecto, 12 Months
  • Siboney Añejo, 24 Months
  • Siboney Reserva Especial, 36 Months
  • Siboney 1920 Gran Reserva Familiar, 72 Months.

Fraternity Spirits brings distinctive flavors to IAADFS

With the demand for premium and ultra-premium products on the rise, Fraternity Spirits comes to the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas (Booth #707) with a selection of products to suit even those with the highest of tastes. Fraternity is aiming to expand its distribution in the Americas region with additions to its renowned Tequila Corralejo and El Ron Prohibido lines. New to the show this year are Corralejo Extra Añejo 1821, a 100 percent blue agave tequila, and Ron Prohibido 12 and 15 (Gran Reserva), two exotic rums.

Godiva premiers new Expression Artistique collection

Expression Artistique, the latest travel-exclusive collection from Godiva Chocolatier, will be in the spotlight at booth #823 at the Duty Free show.

The premium Belgian chocolatier is once more celebrating the artistry and innovation of its Chefs Chocolatier with a gift box in a riot of bright colors like an artist’s palette, filled with 18 chocolate pieces in three delicious new flavors.

Orange Brûlant is an exquisite, subtle praliné in a silky white chocolate shell; Jaune Merveilleux offers intense, luscious ganache covered in a rich dark chocolate shell; Joli Rose is a velvety cream of roasted almonds in a smooth milk chocolate shell.

Godiva Expression Artistique will be available beginning in April exclusively in travel retail locations worldwide.

Tasty and nutritious pretzel nuggets

ALFA Brands, Inc. is pleased to announce that Pretzel Pete has updated their packaging and improved the quality of their product. The nuggets are available in three tasty flavors: Garlic & Parmesan, Honey Mustard & Onion, and Cheddar & Ale. Enhancements include:

Made from non-GMO ingredients

No saturated or trans fats

Made in USA

No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Please come by Booth #526 to get a free sample.