A sneak peek at what’s new on the Trademarket floor


HSA Cosmetics will debut its Pollution Free line.

From the hottest new beauty products to unique gift ideas, there are plenty of new products trending in the duty free market for 2017. Below is a sneak peek of just a few trendy new items you’ll see on the Trademarket floor at this year’s show.

The latest anti-pollution beauty line will be on display at booth 433. HSA Cosmetics will introduce Pollution Free, a complete anti-pollution range of eight specific products with Zeolite, a volcanic origin mineral that prevents polluting particles from accumulating in pores and removes impurities from the skin, on top of having strong antioxidant properties.


Tank Rum’s unique scuba tank-shaped bottle.

Sample the latest premium white rum at booth 828. Tank Rum has a fresh taste, unique packaging and a well-defined target demographic. Distilled in in Réunion Island, France, Tank Rum targets water sports enthusiasts — namely, scuba divers — with its unique scuba-tank shaped bottle design. The new rum is a follow-up to the company’s first and highly successful product, TankH2O, a water bottle designed in similar packaging and targeted at the same demographic.

FORTZ inflatable forts require no assembly.

FORTSY inflatable forts require no assembly.

Stop by booth 541 to check out Zoofy International’s newest product lines, including FORTSY, an innovative new brand of inflatable forts for children with inflatable tube structures for frames, so no assembly is required. Other unique, creative gift items on display will include its hugely popular PIXIE CREW™ line of fun kids’ gifts, everything from journals to backpacks, and plush toys and accessories based on popular family movies such as last year’s hit “Trolls” and “Cars 3,” due out this summer.

See what else is new by visiting all new exhibitor booths on the Trademarket floor:

AM International GmbH, booth 1015; Antonio Stefano, booth 1339; ARZ Steel, booth 441; Baylis and Harding, booth 930; Bodega Cuatro Rayas, booth 1402; Bottega SpA, booth 309; Caffo Beverages, booth 1206; Comercializadora Cochon Calvo, booth 1401; CPGBrokers & Associates, booth 1204; Drink Tank Ltd. SRL, booth 828; FGX Latin America, booth 1341; Hiro Sake, booth 936; HSACosmetics SPA, booth 433; Infinity & Co Ltd., booth 833; King Car Group, booth 1438; Melambra Corporation, booth 938; Oriental General Trading Inc., booth 1407; Prevelon Rus LLS, booth 1001; Proximo Global Travel Retail, Atrium C; Seawag USA LLC, booth 1436; Smart of Sweden LLC, booth 1437; Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Boston Room; Spectrum Spirits, booth 206; Sweet Garden Fzoo, booth 1403; TBrands, booth 1433; and Zoofy International, booth 541.